Rune Gjeldnes

Rune Gjeldnes
Rune Gjeldnes
Rune Gjeldnes
Rune Gjeldnes
In the footstep of Jan Baalsrud

The Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) in co-operation with Norwegian Armed Forces is just about to finish the filming of Jan Baalsrud´s amazing escape from the Nazi in Northern Norway during WW2. Ronny Bratli and Rune Gjeldnes is the two who do the route and meeting the people and challenges.

Ronny and Rune did the whole route in 2012 during 14 days, as identical as possible concerning route and equipment. But, they did not amputate their toes, nor taken by avalanche or staying at different spots for weeks.

This project has become a co-operation between the Norwegian Broadcasting and Norwegian Armed Forces plus Rune and Ronny. It will end up in 4 x 30 minutes programs. The main goal is to put light on all the callenges Jan Baalsrud and his helpers had during the two months escape. No one can copy what Baalsrud and the good helpers did.

False Up Revdalen
Up Revdalen

Follow your dream. Rune Gjeldnes sequence from the movie Dreamcatcher, by YDreamProductions. You can see it on the youtube link
False Arctic Ocean 2000
Arctic Ocean 2000

Film First Summer North Pole
Norwegian Broadcasting made a film of Cecilie Skog and Rune Gjeldnes attempt to become the first to ski and canoe to the North Pole during the summer. The program is 69 minutes and can be seen on web tv as shown on the link.
False In the "rubble wather"
In the "rubble wather"

Mountain Film Festival/Bergans
Had a very nice weekend with Bergans and good friends at the Mountain Film Festival at Gjendesheim. Lots of good lectures by Dough Scott, Andy Kirkpatrick, Alex Gamme, Petter Nyquist, Karine Falck Petersen + many more. Also went on a day trip with the Bergans team across the Besseggen. Nice and windy.
False Break on Besseggen.
Break on Besseggen.

Courmayeur trekking
David convinced me to join to go to Courmayeur. Had two very nice days up on the backside of Mt. Blance. No big climbing but very nice terrain and scenery. Next time we have to be more prepared for climbing. It is a paradise.
False Way down
Way down

Mt. Blance with David
We made a nice trip to Mt. Blance in a team of five. David asked me to join long time ago, but did not decide to go before the day before. Went up to Cosmic Hut (Aquell Du Midi) on Saturday afternoon and started off from the hut at 2 am. Used quite a long time up and did not reach the summit before 2 pm. Back to the Cosmic Hut at 9.30 pm. Well, went empty of cigarets but it was a wonderful trip and very lucky with the weather. The snow and ice has changed quite a lot since last time. More crevasses and blue ice.
False Summit

Skydive Rena
Had some few days with Skydiving at Rena/Norway last week. Had good fun with friend Arne Rydning and also tried new parachute. Much smaller than I have. Also flying from 11000 ft through the cumulus clouds with Arne. Wonderful and good fun.
False Above the clouds
Above the clouds

European Outdoor Conservation Association/EOCA
Our Vision: The European Outdoor sector will significantly contribute to the conservation of wild places and ecosystems for future generations.

Our Mission: To support valuable conservation work by raising funds from within the European Outdoor sector and promoting care and respect for wild places.

Rune Gjeldnes is an ambassador for the Association.

Jan Baalsrud testing equipment
On our trip through Jan´s escape route we had to bring extra security gear because of the roules and also equipment for the photographer. We were testing some equipment. One was the backpack which is chosen by the Norwegian Military. Photo from top of Daafjordbotn. Perfect day but deep snow.
False Nice overview and the test backpack.
Nice overview and the test backpack.

Teaser on "Jan Baalsrud - Nine Life"
The Norwegian Broadcasting has made a teaser on the last project, "In the footstep of Jan Baalsrud" which Ronny Bratli and Rune Gjeldnes did in April. We did the same route as Baalsrud through 14 days time to put light on his challenges and all the people who helped him to get to Sweden. Still there is lot of work to do on the filming and will go up again in March to do more filmshooting from helicopter, boat, maybe blow up a fisher boat etc etc. The goal is to make 3x30 min series and a 1 hour and 20 minutes for cinema.
You can see the teaser at vimeo on this link
False Through the forest up to the mountains on Ringvassøy
Through the forest up to the mountains on Ringvassøy

Rune Gjeldnes
Rune Gjeldnes